DEALS Jensen P8R 25W 8\ NOW

Jensen P8R 25W 8\

Jensen P8R 25W 8\

If You search jensen then Jensen P8R 25W 8\ is best choice, Buy it now for Price is 91.33

The Jensen 'P' Series, originally designed in the late 1940s and early 1950s, features highly efficient alnico magnets and seamed cones
Alnico magnets ensure long life, high efficiency, lighter weight, and smaller dimensions
4/8 ohms
Alnico magnetSeamed coneOriginal vintage design


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Georg Jensen Cobra Oval Dish

Georg Jensen Cobra Oval Dish
Designed in Denmark, Georg Jensen's Cobra oval dish is crafted of white porcelain shaped at edges with asymmetric curves
Designed by Constantin Wortmann 11\

Price : 50.00


Luhr-Jensen KR100013 Krocodile Lure

Luhr-Jensen KR100013 Krocodile Lure
Start on any high mountain lake
Follow the water through countless rivers that increase in size before finally reaching ocean estuaries
Continue to the beach, pass the near shore structure, and head into the blue water
At any point in the journey you can catch fish on a Krocodile, whether the fish are trout or bass, salmon or stripers, bluefish or calicos, halibut or tuna
It's been that way for generations
The Krocodile operates on a simple premise: big fish eat smaller fish
Year in and year out, the Krocodile proves itself to be the most productive spoon ever built
It can be cast and retrieved, jigged over structures, or trolled
Choose the size that best mirrors available forage, then pick the perfect finish from an extensive palette
Versatile, multi-species minnow designHeavy-duty constructionCorrosion-resistant finishesSizes 016 through 058 are rigged with split rings, swivels &

Price : 6.19


Luhr Jensen Coyote Flashed 11 - Fluorescent Chartreuse/Green UV

Luhr Jensen Coyote Flashed 11 - Fluorescent Chartreuse/Green UV
The Coyote Flasher is the best deep water trolling device ever designed for attracting and catching big fish such as Chinook Salmon and Lake Trout
When pulled through the water, it develops a full 360 degree rotation
This churning motion creates sonic vibration and horizontal flash, which draws fish in from far away
Plus the unique erratic and pulsating action of the Coyote Flasher will hold the fishas interest and prompt it to strike
Color: Green.

Price : 14.29


Jensen POWER760 4-Channel Amplifier

Jensen POWER760 4-Channel Amplifier
The Jensen POWER760 4-Channel Amplifier will stretch your sound muscles
It tops out at 760W of peak power, has a protection circuit that safeguards against short circuits, DC offset and thermal overload, a channel mode selector which allows you to switch from 4, 3 or 2
It's time to include this audio 4 channel amplifier in your sound system
Features:4-Channel AmplifierMax power output: 760WDesigned to meet CEA-2006 test standardsHigh current bi-polar output transistorsCompact design allows great flexibility in mountingMOSFET power supplyBuilt-in low-pass and high-pass crossover filters for bi-amplifyingChannel mode selector switch- 4, 3 and 2 channelFull range optionGreen operation and red protection LEDsProtection circuit that safeguards against short circuits, DC-offset and thermal overloadVariable bass EQ 0-12 dB at 45 HzOverall Dimensions: 9\

Price : 84.99


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